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Release 5 November 2021 – Week 44


  • SNG-3548 Extend Complaint handling and validation of email
  • SNG-3534 Extend Bounce Handling
  • SNG-3532 Render PDF Public API

Change Requests

  • SNG-2683 Frontend: Runtime: Change Scroll function for validation scrolling


  • SNG-3567 [backend] Sampling Project Wizard: Member present Account opt-out list should be excluded
  • SNG-3545 Embedded Survey doesn’t work on local
  • SNG-3544 Report/Analyze: Login page shouldn’t be displayed if open External Online Report (public access enabled)
  • SNG-3542 The public report could not be opened even if the report is public
  • SNG-3539 Report/Analyze: Public link to the report does not display data
  • SNG-3533 Sample: Invite Sample Wizard: Error message should not be displayed when trying to close wizard
  • SNG-3526 Distribute page: Shared Panel: Error message should not be displayed when reopening project
  • SNG-3519 Runtime: Item filter does not work right when custom codes are used in filter question
  • SNG-3500 Runtime: Slider question: The value should not be prepopulated in the Slider, if question was hidden and then shown
  • SNG-3496 Build page: Label elements in the filter modal should be displayed correctly
  • SNG-3491 [backend] Runtime: If delete In progress interview then answer it again – it’s not counted in Quota Count
  • SNG-3429 [frontend] sample: importing Excel with alphanumeric content for cell phone number does not generate error report
  • SNG-3024 [Backend]: Build: If copy Survey Quota should not be copied
  • SNG-3021 [frontend] Segmented Report: in raw data table values should be displayed in each row
  • SNG-2947 [Backend] API: The quantity of created message layouts should correspond with the selected members in Sampling project
  • SNG-2876 Edit Panel member: variable name after 30 characters should include three dots
  • SNG-2839 [Backend]: Subscription: Download items: Change the columns in Excel file
  • SNG-2637 Basic report: Filter: Custom variable attributes should be correctly calculated in report
  • SNG-2631 Admin: In Copied Message all fields should be copied
  • SNG-2623 Panels: Export: Content of text variables should remain text in Excel download file
  • SNG-2583 Segmented report wizard: Segments tab: Only one language should be displayed for question label in drop-down list of Segment

Updated on november 5, 2021

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