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Release 2 July 2021 – Week 26


  • SNG-3029 Replace TSLint with ESLint and Update to Angular12 and latest TypeScript
  • SNG-2567 Refactor Wizards to modular components

Change Requests

  • SNG-3132 New Method dateFormat([datevar].”DD.MM.YYYY”)
  • SNG-3114 [backend] excel report show values in charts
  • SNG-2964 [Frontend] Reminder Wizard: Add Select Channel type as first step


  • SNG-3129 Distribute page: Error message should not be displayed when make Reminder for Distributor with link list
  • SNG-3124 runtime : endpage: language dropdown switch doesnt swith the end page text
  • SNG-3123 issue with language placeholder and hebrew (rtl language?)
  • SNG-3122 analyse: download pdf or word report, shows “Data arrays must not be empty”
  • SNG-3121 Power point report: It should be possible to download Power Point report
  • SNG-3120 Build page: Matrix/Semantic differential questions: Error message should not be displayed when set Autocomplete setting
  • SNG-3119 In the export of our surveys (for the participants), the time at the beginning of the export is delayed by one hour. The export shows 1 hour too late.
  • SNG-3116 [frontend]Segmented report: Segments with operators If … AND should be work
  • SNG-3112 today() function fails
  • SNG-3108 [frontend] issue with reminding and logged out
  • SNG-3105 [frontend] Distribution: Emoticons are not displayed in sent invitations
  • SNG-3102 [Frontend] User Workspaces: WS group admin do not see all Workspaces that he has access right
  • SNG-3101 Shared Panel: Bulk Reminder Wizard is stuck for essential user
  • SNG-3095 Online report: Filters with empty/not empty operators should work correctly
  • SNG-3092 [Frontend] Translation Texts are sometimes not loaded
  • SNG-3089 [backend] Swiss client cannot reset his qoutes
  • SNG-3088 [backend] SMS Distributor: Sms not send for Add Distributor, Bulk/Specific Distributor/Member Reminder
  • SNG-3087 Shared Panel Request: Scheduled date deleted
  • SNG-3076 Shared panel: Sampling project: Error message should not be displayed for Sampling project in scheduled state
  • SNG-2963 Messages: The emoticons should be displayed correctly in messages

Updated on October 17, 2023
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