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Release 6 August 2021 – Week 31



  • SNG-2462 Implement dynamic frontpage


  • SNG-3261 Report: N/A should not be displayed as 9999999 value in all Reports after Raw Data Import
  • SNG-3259 Online Report: UI Issues on Response Statistics page
  • SNG-3258 Online Report: Response Per Period date (when report opened) should not be added to the chart
  • SNG-3257 Wizard/Online Report: interview calculation incorrect
  • SNG-3252 Sample: Remind wizard: Recipients step should not be present in wizard for Sample
  • SNG-3251 [backend] Reminder member/distributor: Error message should not be displayed when selecting one channel and switching to the other
  • SNG-3240 [Frontend] Runtime: Filter condition ‘if answer XY is not chosen’ is ignored when N/A option is the chosen answer
  • SNG-3205 [backend] Basic reports: Statistics should be calculated correctly for Survey questions and member fields when set filters
  • SNG-2803 [BACKEND] Interview Import: #N/A value should be imported back to the application
  • SNG-2625 Sampling project Wizard: Message: The Next button should be disabled, if message template is not selected
  • SNG-2620 Panels: Variables: Custom panel variables can only be moved upwards into other variable groups but not downwards
  • SNG-2582 Segmented report: Segment name should not consist of only spaces
  • SNG-2580 Report Wizard: Content of Wizard page should correspond to the title of the Choose file page
  • SNG-2543 Runtime: Matrix Single choice: 0 should be removed from text filed, if another radio button was selected
  • SNG-2517 Panel/Samples: should be possible to leave the Cell Phone Number field empty
  • SNG-2515 Account Administrators Page: The text “Go to workspace and user management” should be displayed as link
  • SNG-2508 FRONTEND: Froala editor adds span with “inline-block” to videos
  • SNG-1878 Copy survey\message: Add space between workspace names in the confirmation message
  • SNG-1877 Copy survey\message: It is not possible to close the confirmation message
Updated on augustus 6, 2021

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