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Release 06 January 2023 – Week 01


  • SNG-4642 [Frontend] Copy questions from one survey to another
  • SNG-4674 [Frontend] Upgrade GrapesJS to latest version if possible
  • SNG-4824 PA: Add member variable to dynamic report filter
  • SNG-4905 [Frontend] Add link to Education page
  • SNG-4925 [Frontend] Label positioning for gauge chart types
  • SNG-4927 [Frontend] PA: Add setting for row grouping
  • SNG-4941 [Frontend] Pass filter via placeholder URL-Parameter to public report
  • SNG-5003 [Backend] Embed images also for signed emails


  • SNG-4748 [Frontend] Report Builder: Charts: empty category/series shouldn’t be displayed, if corresponding setting disabled
  • SNG-4867 Report Builder: Charts: Custom Tooltip: There should be a validation message
  • SNG-4892 Report Builder: Chart in Column: warning should be displayed, if adding the same Value Column twice
  • SNG-4946 Report Builder: Charts: If select Gauge, Solid Gauge chart type in Categories segmented row should be hidden
  • SNG-4964 Report Builder: Charts: Value Label should be combined from chosen value column + current value format
  • SNG-4966 [Frontend] PA: Width setting of slot sets wrong CSS property
  • SNG-4967 [Backend] Report Builder: Tables: variable should be displayed, if there is no label for it. Rawdata table
  • SNG-4969 Report Builder: Tables: when enabling chart in column, exception will be thrown and table will be corrupted
  • SNG-4970 Non-users don’t have access to report analysis via public report link
  • SNG-4973 Report Builder: Design: Added chart/table will only be displayed after refresh
  • SNG-4975 Report Builder: Word cloud should be selected, if in series selected Variable (with metadata) with disabled ‘Show rawdata value’ setting
  • SNG-4976 [Backend] Suppress every possibility to delete Spam Complaints from Opt-Outs
  • SNG-4978 Report Builder: Rawdata Table: Calculation Column setting missed for calculation column
  • SNG-4979 Report Layout Builder: Updated GrapeJS issues
  • SNG-4981 Survey Layout: Exception thrown when changing question. Question should be displayed by default
  • SNG-4984 Report Builder: If Copy Table – connected Charts should also be copied
  • SNG-4985 Report Builder: Tables: Use custom row template cases
  • SNG-4987 Report Builder: Tables: Column with enabled Chart – shouldn’t be available for selection in ‘group row by column value’ setting
  • SNG-4990 [Backend] Backend accepts report updates with datasourceIds which doesn’t exist
  • SNG-4993 [Backend]: GetLabel Function doesn’t work
  • SNG-4994 [Frontend]: Update StyleGuide
  • SNG-4995 Report Builder: Size of Gauge and Solid gauge charts changes, when label position is added/removed
  • SNG-4997 Navigation to a deeplink with an expired or missing token results in workspace overview
  • SNG-4998 Survey: Error is thrown when CTRL + C is clicked without element selected
  • SNG-5000 Survey: Copy and Paste survey questions issues
  • SNG-5004 [Backend] Add for complaints relation to SurveyId and DistributorId
  • SNG-5005 Report Builder: Charts are empty when created for Raw Data Table
  • SNG-5007 pls finish bug: property: Show empty categories need to be checked and unchecked
  • SNG-5012 [Frontend] Report Builder: Build: Exception thrown if add new page, change table/chart name, delete table. chart
  • SNG-5014 Message: Missing values in opened RTE if it was previously changed in Message Layout
Updated on February 10, 2023

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