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Release 27 January 2023 – Week 04


  • SNG-4529 Survey: Distribute: Change order of columns in Download Link List file
  • SNG-4924 ReportCalculationService


  • SNG-4986 Report Builder: Tables: ‘Group row by column value’ setting disabled only after page refresh
  • SNG-5065 Pro Report: Translate: There are two table accordions and they can’t be opened at the same time
  • SNG-5067 [Backend] Pro Report: Spider Chart in PDF report: resolution issue; labels shouldn’t overlap the chart
  • SNG-5077 Build: Multiple Response: Text entry: Exclusive setting does not reset previously selected choice(s) on front end
  • SNG-5082 Pro Report: Simple Pivot Table: Aggregators are not being added dynamically to the sidebar
  • SNG-5083 Pro Report: Simple Pivot Table: Exception is thrown when switching column per value to only variable
  • SNG-5084 Pro Report: Simple Pivot Table: Warning is not displayed when adding variable of text type
  • SNG-5085 Report Builder: Simple Pivot/Pivot: Segmentation: Column labels are wrong
  • SNG-5086 [Backend] Pro Report: Translate: Slot Footer missed; Chart series label should be possibly updated via upload file
  • SNG-5088 Pro Report: Wrong color of the Gauge chart
  • SNG-5089 Pro Report: Variable Drop Area: Column and row issues
  • SNG-5091 [Frontend] Pro Report: HTML mark-up in table column tooltips
  • SNG-5092 [Backend] Pro Report: summary row is missing
  • SNG-5093 Pro Report: Simple Pivot Table: Styles are being removed when aggregator is added/removed
  • SNG-5098 Pro Report: Simple Pivot Table: Connected chart issues
  • SNG-5100 Survey/Message Layout: Element changes its settings after layout saved and reopened again
  • SNG-5101 Pro Report: Table layout issue
  • SNG-5102 Pro Report: Simple Pivot Table: Converting issues
  • SNG-5104 [Backend] Pro Report: Issue with NaCount and MissingsCount calculation
  • SNG-5105 PA: Tables: Table delete prompt message showing system variable instead of message
  • SNG-5106 Pro Report: Simple Pivot Table: Rows drop area is getting too big when there are too many columns
  • SNG-5108 Report Builder: Charts: Some characters not encoded in Chart label
  • SNG-5112 [Frontend] Pro Report: Labels for de-CH type of languages are not displayed on the UI (slot/subsection title/subtitle)
  • SNG-5113 Pro Report: Simple Pivot Table: Anonymization issues
  • SNG-5114 Add User: Account admin user can’t be created
  • SNG-5115 PA: Low resolution rendering of charts when exporting to PDF / Word
  • SNG-5117 Report Builder: Simple Pivot/Pivot: Searching, filtering, sorting doesn’t work in tables
  • SNG-5120 Highcharts bug oder config bug of survalyzer?
  • SNG-5127 [Frontend] PDF and Excel Export shows wrong language
  • SNG-5128 Report: Wrong first color taken in Chart (default color scheme)
Updated on October 18, 2023

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