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November & December releases

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Passwordless login

To support a seamless login experience it is now possible to log in using your device security options, without the need to remember Survalyzer password. Your Survalyzer account admin has to enable it in the account settings in case you want to use it.

Instructions to set it up can be found on this page.

Export user list with new usage tab

Account and workspace group admins can view who updated each survey in your account and when. Navigate to the workspace and user overview and click the download button:

In the Excel file you will find the Usage worksheet:

Professional Analytics

Interview quality control

Automatically check if interviews are valid and of good quality. Catch speeders and bad quality interviews by working with trap conditions.

Read more about how to use the Interview quality control setting on this page.

AI sentiment & topics analysis of open questions

  • Filter for which interviews the open answers should be analyzed:
  • AI topic suggestions: Let AI do the work for you and suggest topics based on the collected open answers:
  • Quick & easy table creation: quickly generate a raw data table, a pivot table for sentiment analyis or a pivot table for topics.

Powerpoint Report Export template improvements

Now all Professional Report content is exported to Powerpoint, including text elements. Additionally, you can create separate templates for your Professional and Basic Reports.

Table wizard: extended list of segmentation variables

You can now use all available variables in the table wizard for table segmentation, such as interview language or interview state (for response statistics):

Interview Language filter

Filter your entire report or specific tables based on interview language(s):

Copy tables with or without connected charts

Copying tables can save a lot of time! Now you can decide whether you want to copy a table including connected charts (very useful in case you want to reuse or update the chart) or without connected charts (if you want to create a chart from scratch):

Advanced Cell Templates for segmented tables

Use advanced templates to create e.g. a heatmap table and dynamically colored cells based on whether the result is below, between or above a certain score:

Online report: defined font family is now applied to all texts

Updated on June 10, 2024
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