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Release 14 January 2022 – Week 02



  • SNG-3805 Runtime: All placeholders should be resolved in N/A field for ALL Questions
  • SNG-3800 Filter by CreatedAt Date
  • SNG-3797 Build page: Screening Section: Matrix question: It should not be possible to change type of Matrix question if it is in Screenout section
  • SNG-3771 Segmented Report: Segmentation not working if set condition Interview Language like en-us or de-ch
  • SNG-3762 [backend] Chart in Survey Answers PDF wrong font
  • SNG-3755 Reports: Rank Order: no small bar should be displayed if there aren’t any responses for the question
  • SNG-3736 [frontend] Admin: Administrator could not create new user
  • SNG-3697 [Backend] Basic generated reports: Font should be changed for NPS/Spider charts in all generated reports
  • SNG-3580 Cloud Wizard: Other Step: Start date should be reset after each Wizard reopening
  • SNG-3022 Report: Multiple Response: Stacked Bar chart should be sorted by %
  • SNG-3002 [backend] Global Opt-out: If add member to opt-out then add member to the Panel/Sample opt-out should work

Updated on March 9, 2023

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