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Release 13 August 2021 – Week 32


  • SNG-2720 Interview Quality Measurement

Change Requests

  • SNG-3268 Update devextreme to the latest version
  • SNG-3137 [backend] message between backend and render service need user role


  • SNG-3286 download of users (and probably other ms export doesn’t work)
  • SNG-3279 Distribute: Read Panel (Shared Panel) requested by Professional user should result the same way as for Essential user (401)
  • SNG-3278 Runtime: Force Response: If select N/A in Multiple Response validation for required question should not be displayed
  • SNG-3277 Dynata Sample: Error should not be displayed when open Dynata wizard in not published survey
  • SNG-3276 Locale Handling is broken
  • SNG-3275 Client Sample Process is broken
  • SNG-3272 Third Party Sample: Groups issues
  • SNG-3271 Language shouldn’t be changed after reopening the link after interview has been started
  • SNG-3269 [Backend] Raw data Import: Invalid values should not be imported
  • SNG-3265 Code access: Weak: It should be possible to open interview in Incognito page in 2nd time
  • SNG-3260 [backend] Raw data: Matrix text (integer/real) question should be imported back to the application
  • SNG-3256 Runtime: Semantic differential should be highlighted in yellow color when set force response for question and there are no answers
  • SNG-3255 [Frontend] Reminder in Scheduled state: Error message should not be displayed after reopening wizard in Scheduled state
  • SNG-3254 Remind member: the title of survey in Distribute page should be displayed correctly after making reminder
  • SNG-3238 [backend] Survey Export: N/A option for Open Question missed in the generated file, Invalid displayed for Anytime VA option
  • SNG-3225 [backend] Excel/Segmented Excel: Charts issues
  • SNG-3217 [backend] analyse: deleted sample used in distribution block online reporting
  • SNG-3193 API: Messages: Added one element should not added automatically to other field with RTE
  • SNG-3157 Dynamise Title Tag Issues Part 2
  • SNG-3085 Admin: WS Group Admin should have possibility to switch users from essential to professional
  • SNG-2718 Sampling Project Wizard: Text: If clear Sender e-mail address field Next button should be disabled
  • SNG-2715 Edit Member: Field Label should be center aligned to text field
  • SNG-2682 Runtime: The answers should not disappear in Slider/Matrix drop-down if switch to other language
  • SNG-2675 Admin: Administrators page: For Account Admin should be display blocked icon when he was blocked
  • SNG-2629 Admin: applied sorting shouldn’t be reset when refreshing the page
  • SNG-2619 Design: You cannot enter more than one character into header or footer at once

Updated on August 13, 2021

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