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Release 27 August 2021 – Week 34


  • SNG-3235 Improve Loading Behavior for long running functions

Change Requests

  • SNG-3318 Runtime: Bad Quality Interviews should be treated the same as Screenout interviews
  • SNG-3317 Cloud Sample: Side Bar for Sample in Finished/Closed State
  • SNG-3304 VA Extension: add personal link generation


  • SNG-3321 [backend] Cloud Sample: Should be set to Closed state if Field Phase End Date reached
  • SNG-3320 Runtime: Bad Quality interview state should be set when response matches to Trap Conditions set in Cloud Sample
  • SNG-3319 Rawdata: Column per each Quality Measurement should be displayed with percentage values
  • SNG-3314 Distribute: Cloud Sample: Response Statistics should not be empty, if responses were given
  • SNG-3312 Distribute: Third Party/Cloud Sample: It should be possible to edit quotas/screenouts when Sample in In Field state
  • SNG-3307 Cloud Sample: Next button should not be disabled if not validation errors present on the step
  • SNG-3297 Cloud Sample/Third Party Sample: Should add popover to the Dynata wizard if user wants to close it with invalid fields and previously was saved project
  • SNG-3293 Сloud Sample: error is thrown if try to open Summary step for the second time
  • SNG-3288 Runtime: Url forwading InProgress/Screenout states should work correctly with Mutliple Participation True
  • SNG-2327 [backend] Third Party Sample: Quotafull behavior: option selected by default should “If any appropriate quota cell is full”
  • SNG-2316 [BACKEND] Excel export report: The title of tables should be displayed for entered data in semi open questions

Updated on April 7, 2023

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