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Release 3 September 2021 – Week 35


  • SNG-3266 Account Subscription: change default value of dropdown: “Next license cycle” from 24 to 12 months

Change Requests

  • SNG-3283 Update Froala Editor to Version 4.0.4 and other libs
  • SNG-3005 [frontend] Invite Panel Member: Distributor should be added to last In Field state Sampling Project in Survey


  • SNG-3351 PDF Rendering Issues during application server scaling
  • SNG-3345 [Backend] Not all Dynata Attributes are available
  • SNG-3341 Survey Stops and needs to be refreshed
  • SNG-3338 Runtime: selected N/A reset when changing language of the interview in matrix and semantic differential
  • SNG-3334 Distribute: all sampling project wizards – disallow update in not Draft state
  • SNG-3333 [backend] Cloud Sample: It should be possible to go to Next page and finish wizard
  • SNG-3330 [backend] Sample: Should not be possible to import the same code value, error should be shown
  • SNG-3329 Runtime: Implicit association: The question should not be completed, if question was hidden while clicking Next and Back
  • SNG-3325 [Frontend] Translations have an unwanted tag surrounded
  • SNG-3323 Сloud Sample: Summary step: Info Pop Over should be displayed upon clicking Buy Respondent button
  • SNG-3310 Cloud Sample: Name/Other steps in Wizard: Should add validation and warnings for mandatory fields
  • SNG-3306 [Frontend] Runtime: Dynata: Respondent should be navigated to dynata link after interview submitted
  • SNG-3301 Cloud Sample: Cloud/Survey qoutas UI issues
  • SNG-3292 Survey List: Error is shown after Cloud Sample for Survey with Arabian language was opened
  • SNG-3221 [backend] Account Overview: Error is shown if apply search or select one of the subscription checkboxes
  • SNG-3173 [backend] Runtime: Placeholder/Value assignment with Count Interviews should work correctly when selecting N/A
  • SNG-3146 Distribution Wizard: APP distributor channel type should not be available after panel removed from Api Message Layouts
  • SNG-3035 Build: Changed section order is not reflected in drop-down in Filter preview
Updated on March 10, 2023

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