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Release 24 September 2021 – Week 38


  • SNG-3375 Refactor ReportDefinition to support n-Columns instead of 1,2 or 3
  • SNG-3374 Integrate “Create Support Ticket” functionality into UI

Change Requests

  • SNG-3405 Analyze: Bad Quality Interviews should be excluded in Reports like Not Responded state interview
  • SNG-3399 [Frontend] Workspace Edit: Conditional display of SamplingProjects, Cloud Sample setting
  • SNG-3389 Data Access: allow different condition types in data access survey setting sidebar
  • SNG-3369 [Backend]Basic Report: Excel/Segmented: “In %” should be removed from matrix labels in charts
  • SNG-2377 [frontend] Add Testmail Service to message editor


  • SNG-3430 Wizard: Send test email should have validation and display warning if was entered invalid email
  • SNG-3427 [Backend]Report: PPTX: Rawdata table should not be entered in the end and only number of responses statistics should be displayed
  • SNG-3423 Runtime: Implicit Association: not answered stimulus should not count as Disliked
  • SNG-3408 Admin: Create Support Request: The set ticket type in modal window should be corresponded in received message
  • SNG-3407 Build: Star Scale description popover shouldn’t be hidden below the Add Content section
  • SNG-3406 Admin: Create Support Request: The Create/Cancel buttons should not move down after uploading file in the modal window
  • SNG-3394 [backend]Rawdata: Cloud Sample: Straight liner: 3 out of 3 matrix should have 100 probability of bad quality
  • SNG-3392 Message: Upload icon should be available also for Account Admin in Messages
  • SNG-3388 Build page:The inclusion of one section should not activate others section in sidebar
  • SNG-3386 Runtime: URL Forwarding: survey(id).interview_link placeholder not resolved for the second time
  • SNG-3373 [Frontend]Cloud Sample: error is thrown if try to close just created sample
  • SNG-3366 [backend] Basic report: Spider chart/Stacked bar chart in Matrix MR should be displayed correctly in Word/PDF/PP reports
  • SNG-3365 Basic report: Wizard: Selected chart for Matrix MR question should not reset if click next and back to Questions step
  • SNG-3364 [Backend]Rawdata Import: If import personal interview without language column in the file – it is not possible to download back interview on Edit Panel page
  • SNG-3353 [Frontend]: Cloud Sample: Looks like Cloud Quota not added to Dynata, while success:true returned
  • SNG-3349 Message: Placeholder replaced with #
  • SNG-3331 [backend] Rawdata import: The title of custom variables should be matched when download and upload the same file again
  • SNG-3324 [Backend] Build: Screening section should be displayed in Survey with Cloud Sample(having quotas or screenout/trap condition)
  • SNG-2546 Basic report: PPTX: semantic differential: different number of responses displayed on pages for the same question
  • SNG-2544 Basic Report: Pptx: Open question (date, string) number of responses and question text should be displayed on all pages related to this question
  • SNG-2542 Basic Report: PPTX: Number of responses for List of entered values is wrong
  • SNG-2434 Basic Report: Row/Choice name – how it is displayed in Reports rawdata table/charts

Updated on October 17, 2023
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