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Release 16 July 2021 – Week 28


  • SNG-3111 [backend] Pro Report: add implicit filter
  • SNG-3063 [backend] Survey in Draft Mode should not export or analyse more then 5 data sets (s)
  • SNG-3057 Extend WS-Anyonymisation Settings (s)
  • SNG-3056 improve loading time of the surveys page (s)

Change Requests

  • SNG-3107 [frontend] prefilter additional distributors in approval context
  • SNG-2405 [frontend] Workspace : user management: add option to unlock user
  • SNG-2364 FRONTENT: Runtime – disable Number + Real Input Scrolling
  • SNG-2341 Distribute: Third Party Sample: Add Quotafull Behavior label below State label in Side Bar
  • SNG-2321 Runtime: Error Case: Change default text
  • SNG-2246 [FRONTEND] Workspace: Extend Search Field to find Workspaces (not only workspace groups)


  • SNG-3188 Workspace: Error when accessing
  • SNG-3186 runtime: manually changed message for Expired Survey not shown for personal links
  • SNG-3180 backend: analyse: SPSS export: Question label cuts after 120 characters
  • SNG-3177 remove code to copy response data to trail data when there is new survey version
  • SNG-3172 Runtime: Placeholders should not be displayed in questions after selected N/A
  • SNG-3165 URL Forward and Placeholder resolvement behave undeterministic (race condition?)
  • SNG-3163 runtime got stuck: mandatory question with dropdwon with value 0 doesnt work anymore
  • SNG-3162 [backend] Analyze: Report filter condition that checks empty sample variable does not work for anonymous participants
  • SNG-3156 Distribute Wizard: Bulk Reminder: Not able to send a test mail (step 5) and there’s no end date (step 6)
  • SNG-3155 Runtime: No message is displayed informing the respondent that the survey has been closed
  • SNG-3150 [Frontend] runtime: slider answer is reset after changing language
  • SNG-3144 Distribute Wizard: AND operator displayed on Distribute step while was set OR operator
  • SNG-3070 Build page: Semantic differential: Add text entry option should be removed
  • SNG-2998 [BACKEND]Global/Panel/Sample Opt-out : UI issues
  • SNG-2965 [BACKEND] Translation message: Download file: The data in rows should be displayed readable as it was for download of translation survey
  • SNG-2881 Runtime: Assign in Value Assignment with ‚only first‘ setting shouldn’t be changed after second passing
  • SNG-2736 Edit Member: Exception is thrown if open Member with both Email and Phone opt-out
  • SNG-2419 Build page: Message template: Error message should not displayed after adding message template and switch to compact mode
  • SNG-2367 Edit Member: Exception is thrown if click on edit member while token expired
  • SNG-2365 Build: Filter box shows questions/answers in first listed language instead of main survey language
  • SNG-2288 [BACKEND] Opt-out: The email should not be added to DB/Opt-out in UI if member unsubscribed only by phone

Updated on Juli 16, 2021

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