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Release 23 July 2021 – Week 29


  • SNG-3090 DataSource+to+Matrix
  • SNG-3072 [backend] slow response in Build part for larger survey: check with max filter behavours

Change Requests

  • SNG-3216 [Frontend]: Change Error message: isTrusted: true
  • SNG-3210 Smaller size PDF files
  • SNG-3185 [backend] quota-cell id should be shown in UI
  • SNG-3182 [backend] Member Import Wizard: Remove Import Settings step for panels only
  • SNG-2966 [backend] Sampling Project wizard: if no email/phone number – member should be subtracted from Number recipients receiving Inviations on Distribute step
  • SNG-2719 Distribute: Hide or disable Invite more participants button for Draft Sampling Project


  • SNG-3222 [backend] /Survey/v1/ReadSurveyDataCompact: special chars are not propery encoded in api
  • SNG-3213 Basic report: Error message should not be displayed when downloading basic reports
  • SNG-3212 Reports: Cannot read property ‘surveyDefinition’ of undefined error thrown, reports not generated
  • SNG-3207 Basic/Pro reports: Not responded interviews should be excluded from statistics in Dynamic filter page
  • SNG-3191 [backend] Admin: Rawdata SPSS: Error message should not be displayed when download SPSS file with set survey fields restrictions
  • SNG-3190 Admin: Workspace: Modal window with variables should be shown every time when entering value in tag box
  • SNG-3154 Dynamise Title Tag Issues Part 1
  • SNG-2943 [frontend]Sampling Project/Invitation Wizard: Opt-out members should be taken into account in Shared Panel
  • SNG-2421 Workspace edit page: The tabs should not disappear after reducing screen size
  • SNG-2399 Edit Workspace page: It should be no possible to move workspace in removed workspace group
  • SNG-2203 Online Report: Column Bar Chart: Styling issues

Updated on October 17, 2023

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