Segments are mainly used to make cross-references between the answers to questions in your survey. They allow you to compare results from different units (e.g. departments, age categories, school classes, population groups) and use them for further research. In this way, you can include several segments in each segmented report, each representing a separate target group.

Note: Segments can only be displayed in Excel reports.

Segments can be based on:

  • Answers to survey questions.
  • Custom member variables: These are the additional variables in a sample or panel.
  • URL variables.
  • Interview variables, such as the date on which the interview was completed.
  • Custom variables used in a value assignment in a survey.

The segments you have created can be modified at any time.


Suppose you have conducted a survey on the popularity of some school subjects (Maths, German and Geography) in three classes. Now you would like to have an overview which includes the answers of all pupils per class AND the answers of all pupils of all 3 classes (total overview). These data may provide you with sufficient insight, on the basis of which you may draw your conclusions.

The pupils have been able to select their preferred school subject and class in questions of the survey. To be able to analyse the results of the different classes, you can include the three aforementioned school subjects in a filter on the Filter report screen (3rd stage). Then, on the Segments screen (4th stage), you can define the following segments: class 1, class 2 and class 3.

Procedure: Click the green Add segment button on the screen to open a window enabling you to enter a segment name (1) and select the desired variable (2). If you select the Question variable, you must successively select the corresponding survey question (3), one of the answer options (4) and the condition value (5). After clicking the Save changes button (6), the first segment will be included in the Segments screen.

You can repeat the above procedure, until you have recorded all desired segments.

Updated on December 15, 2022
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