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Panel Sync: How do I set it up?

Panel Sync Setting

For a Panel Sync, we need information between the survey and the Panel we want to synchronize. This information can include things like names, addresses and Survey Credits.

In this article we tell you how to set up a panel sync for a sign-up survey and a profile survey, and how to add Survey Credits.

The Sign-Up Survey

A sign-up survey usually includes questions about the potential panel member. For example, name, email address or personal information about the household.

Note: The email address and the password are essential information for the sign-up, since the participant will need these to log into the profile survey.

If you want to add additional security to check the email address, see the article “How to add email authentication to my registration?“.

After all questions are set, have a look at the panel sync setting by clicking on “Add panel sync”. This opens the “Variable Mapping” page.

panel synchronization type

As this is the Sign-Up survey, we firstly select this option. This is followed by a drop-down menu where we must choose a corresponding Panel. Following this, we can define variable mapping.

Variable mapping means selecting which survey variables will be written in which Panel variables.

Note: The listed Panel variables are filtered according to their datatype. Therefore, you can only choose variables where the datatype matches the target variable datatype.

By saving this setting, the sign-up survey is ready to go. However, please test this prior to going live.

There are certain changes which can be made as soon as a panel sync for sign-up is in place. These changes mostly affect the password question.

Panelsync active on password variable
The password question will automatically change so that it won’t be repeatedly shown.

As soon as a respondent opens the survey, a new Panel member is registered. All values are empty until the respondent completes the survey.

The profile survey

The profile survey usually includes more questions than the sign-up survey. The steps are the same as for the sign-up survey, but this time we choose Panel profile.

panel profile setting

Variable mapping is the same as for the sign-up survey. The password question (if the password variable is mapped) will also change to the same as that of the sign-up.

In addtition to the layout change of the password question, the respondent will need to log into the profile survey when opening the anonymous link to it.

Login for Profile survey

Note: To get around the login process for the profile survey, you can also invite your Panel to your profile survey. This will then send them a personal link, which authenticates and identifies them.

Updated on June 27, 2022

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