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How can I set user permissions?

If your user and workspace pool is fairly large, it’s a good idea to set user permissions. Access rights can be set by clicking the edit button for a user.

Permission options are found below the password options for each user:

Access rights on user editor. Here you can set the user permissions

When access is denied, the user can’t see or open that workspace. If access is granted, the user will be able to open and see the workspace.

If permission is set to only one workspace, that workspace is open immediately after login. Alternatively, when the user has access to more than one workspace, the user sees a list of all accessible workspaces.

If a user needs access to another workspace group, their user permissions can be set by the account administrator only.

Note: A workspace group admin always has access to all workspaces within their group. An account admin always has access to all existing workspaces of all workspace groups. Keep this in mind when you start using workspace groups.

An effective and memorable naming concept for workspaces and workspace groups can help you to find those workspaces which users have access to. Access rights can be changed any time, but you must be an account admin user or a workspace group admin user.

Updated on June 28, 2022
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