Undo & Redo functionality

Difficulty level: Easy

This functionality allows you to undo the last changes made in a survey. This way, you can, for example, recover deleted elements (e.g. a question, section or text block) or fix a bug implemented erroneously.

When activating the Build page, the system verifies whether any adjustments have been made which can be reversed. These are adjustments that are up to 24 hours old.

The Undo & Redo functionality allows you to undo up to 5 changes. Each change can be regarded as one step. A change which is made undone using the Undo button (red framed), can be restored using the Redo button (purple framed). Both buttons are only displayed, if the survey has been assigned the Edit status.

Note: Survey changes cannot be reversed, once you have activated a survey.

Suppose you have set up 4 sections with an x number of questions for a survey. For one reason or another, you decide to remove the last section with questions from the survey. You do this by clicking on the bin icon (1) of the corresponding section.

A warning pop-up will appear asking you to confirm your choice. For this, you must click the green Yes button (2). The corresponding section will then be removed.

In order to undo this operation, you have to click the Undo button (3) once. When you move the mouse pointer over this button, the tooltip info automatically appears, indicating which change (e.g. 4 – Section deleted) will be undone, as soon as you have clicked on it. After you have clicked the Undo button, the previously deleted section of questions will be reinserted in the survey at precisely the same position.

Once an operation has been reversed using the Undo button, the Redo button will be highlighted, allowing you to discard the results of the last Undo command. The Redo functionality can only be initiated, after the Undo functionality has been used.

The Undo & Redo functionality can ONLY be applied on the Build page to e.g. the following elements:

  • adjusted question codes
  • adjusted question types
  • deleted, adjusted, moved and added questions
  • deleted, adjusted, moved and added sections
  • enabled/disabled survey settings, such as Multiple participation

However, the functionality fails to lend itself well to reversing or restoring keyed-in texts.

Updated on February 24, 2023
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