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Import or update members from Excel

Note: this article describes how to update an existing sample. To create a new sample please see ‘Add new local sample

Important: Member variables should always match the Column name in Excel and the correct data type should be used:

Member variables
Excel file

So in this example, for the Age variable an Integer Number is expected. If you would populate a cell in the Age column in Excel with ‘Thirty’ instead of ’30’, the member variable will not be updated.

Updating existing members

Existing members always have a unique MemberId. The MemberId is used to match the data to the corresponding member. When you want to update update existing members you can:

Update existing member variables

Add additional member variables

Add new members to existing sample

The MemberId column determines whether existing members will be updated, or whether new members will be added. If you delete the MemberId column from the Excel file, you will automatically create new members when uploading the Excel file. You can find an example of the steps below:

  1. Download the members to Excel.
  2. Delete the MemberId column.
  3. Add the desired members or data to the Excel File (usually you would copy this from your data source file).
  4. Note: the Email, Cell Phone Number and Code columns should contain unique values (or be empty)
  5. Save the Excel file.
  6. Click on Import or update members from Excel.
  7. Select the updated Member file.
  8. Set the import settings (unique email addresses/ phone numbers are usually recommended).
  9. Review and finish the import.
  10. The import process will take place (depending on the size of the sample and the number of variables it can take a few minutes).
  11. View the Last import result to see how many members were updated.
  12. Optional: view the updated member details.

In this example, two new members are added to an existing sample. For the Code column the following behaviour applies:

  • The code should be unique accross the workspace.
  • In case you delete the code column, the member variable will not be updated.
  • If you leave the code column empty, a unique code will be generated.
  • If you populate the code column with values, you can determine the code.
Updated on December 3, 2023
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