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Message Placeholders for Distribution

The following Placeholders are available within a message:

  • Sample / Panel Placeholder
  • Survey Placeholder

Sample / Panel variables as Message Placeholders

You can personalise both emails and SMS messages being sent to participants. For example, you can use a participant’s first and last name by using a placeholder like {{panel.first_name}} or {{panel.last_name}}.

It doesn’t matter if you are inviting a Panel or a sample, the prefix for your placeholder is always ‘panel’.

You can use any of the variables available in your invited Panel / sample. Even all custom sample / Panel variables are available.

The initial greeting is not a default variable. To greet your respondent with the correct term (as determined by gender) just add the correct greeting to the Panel and use the corresponding placeholder in your message.

Note: Certain special characters and also blank spaces will convert to an underscore for the placeholder. For example, a Panel / sample variable named “My Own Variable” will convert to {{panel.my_own_variable}}

To see a full list of all sample / Panel variables, just click on “Show available placeholders” on the message editor page.

available message placeholder
“Show available placeholders” will change to “Hide all available placeholders” as soon as it is clicked.

A very special placeholder is the {{panel.opt_out_link}} placeholder. This placeholder has nothing to do with the actual Panel itself. Neither is it really a Panel variable. This placeholder will be replaced by a URL to the opt out page, where a respondent can unsubscribe from your Panel / sample. They will then be added to the opt out list and will no longer receive emails from your account. To comply with GDPR , you should add this to your email message.

Survey variables as Message Placeholder

The only survey placeholder usable within a message is:

  • {{survey.personal_link}}

This is also the most frequently used variable, as it is replaced by a personal link. A personal link refers to the survey, where the message was sent from, and identifies a respondent. In this way it’s possible to see how many and which Panel / sample members completed a survey. It also enables Survalyzer to completely prevent multiple / duplicated participation (if the survey setting is set accordingly).

Note: To guarantee the functionality of Survalyzer, this placeholder is recommended for all messages created and sent with Survalyzer. If the placeholder is not used, the Response Statistics for the distributer for instance will not work.

Updated on February 7, 2020

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